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Medically Reviewed By: Mark Schoemann, M.D

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a comprehensive process that can involve many procedures that a patient must recover from. Encinitas, CA cosmetic surgeon Dr. Schoemann’s goal with each FFS treatment is to surgically revise a patient’s features to be more feminine.

In order to do this, Dr. Schoemann works with each patient individually to establish their desired outcome of the overall process and makes recommendations based on his examination of their facial features and bone structure.

What Procedures Can Be Involved in a Single Surgery?

A Facial Feminization Surgery can include one or more of the following procedures:

  • Adam’s apple reduction: Also known as a tracheal shave, Dr. Schoemann carefully removes thyroid cartilage from the neck to reduce or eliminate the Adam’s apple
  • Brow lift: A browplasty raises and/or reshapes the eyebrows, so they are higher on the face and have a clear arched shape
  • Cheek augmentation: The mid-face can be made fuller with implants or a fat transfer that increases the projection of the cheeks. A cheek reduction can improve cheeks that are too wide or strong
  • Chin recontouring: A genioplasty or mentoplasty reduces the width and height of the chin while creating a rounder shape
  • Forehead recontouring/reduction: A feminine hairline tends to be lower, so a forehead reduction (also called a hairline lowering, scalp advancement, hairline correction, or forehead recontouring) moves the hairline to create a shorter forehead
  • Jaw contouring: For a more feminine jawline, the jawbone is shaved to make the jaw narrower, shorter, and rounder
  • Lip lift and reshaping: To adjust the size and proportion of the upper and lower lips to appear more feminine, the upper lip is reduced and moved higher while the fullness of the lower lip is increased with an implant or fat transfer
  • Rhinoplasty: To make a more feminine nose, the length, width, and projection are reduced to best fit the proportions of your face

Most patients are able to undergo these procedures during a single surgery at our Encinitas surgical facility, rather than having to have separate surgeries for each individual treatment. Most FFS patients are able to go home after their operation, though some stay overnight for 1-2 days to monitor their healing process.

Depending on which procedures you had completed and how many procedures were completed overall, recovery can take from 2-6 weeks. Dr. Schoemann and his team will have a precise recovery plan for each patient based on their surgery process that includes incision care, details on when they can get back to work or exercise, and all other relevant information to their particular recovery process.

Our objective at Schoemann Plastic Surgery in Encinitas is to make you feel safe, cared for, and heard. We are confident that we can help you in your transition with beautiful, natural results.

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