About Facial Feminization

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) at Schoemann Plastic Surgery in Encinitas, CA focuses on surgically revising the features of the face from masculine to feminine. Facial features like a short brow, Adam’s apple, a wide jaw, and a hard-lined profile all show masculine features naturally. With a plastic surgeon experienced in facial feminization surgery, there are surgical procedures that can soften, reduce, and recontour these features to look feminine.

If you are looking for a surgeon to perform FFS, our board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Schoemann, has the knowledge and skill to combine a group of facial plastic surgeries that can create more feminine features. He prioritizes the safety and comfort of patients alongside effective results. The procedures that are most commonly included in facial feminization surgeries are:

  • Adam’s apple reduction (tracheal shave)
  • Brow lift
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Chin recontouring
  • Forehead recontouring (hairline correction)
  • Jaw contouring
  • Lip lift and reshaping
  • Rhinoplasty

Facial Feminization Results


Ideal Candidates

Facial feminization surgery is a highly personalized procedure for patients who are over the age of 18, are physically healthy enough to undergo multiple surgeries, and are mentally prepared for the entire process. Dr. Schoemann will have an in-depth consultation with you in his office to establish your goals from a holistic perspective. To not only get to know you better, but the consultation is also a time Dr. Schoemann gathers information about how you see yourself, what you would like to change, and what your expectations are with FFS surgery. He also examines your facial structure to see what the possibilities are in changing your appearance. Your facial bone structure, hairline, weight, skin elasticity, and medical issues will be discussed, as they are contributing factors to your candidacy. Dr. Schoemann will decide what surgical strategies and techniques he can use to perform your transformation surgery.

How Can We Help You?

Surgical Technique

There are a variety of surgical procedures that you may qualify for as part of your personal facial feminization surgery. You may only desire to change one aspect of your appearance or require a combination of procedures to achieve the appearance you want to present as a woman. Here is a list of FFS possibilities:

  • Adam’s apple reduction: Also known as a tracheal shave, Dr. Schoemann carefully removes thyroid cartilage from the neck to reduce or eliminate the Adam’s apple
  • Brow lift: A browplasty raises and/or reshapes the eyebrows so they are higher on the face and have a clear arched shape
  • Cheek augmentation: The mid-face can be made fuller with implants or a fat transfer that increases the projection of the cheeks. A cheek reduction can improve cheeks that are too wide or strong
  • Chin recontouring: A genioplasty or mentoplasty reduces the width and height of the chin while creating a rounder shape
  • Forehead recontouring/reduction: A feminine hairline tends to be lower so a forehead reduction (also called a hairline lowering, scalp advancement, hairline correction, or forehead recontouring) moves the hairline to create a shorter forehead
  • Jaw contouring: For a more feminine jawline, the jawbone is shaved to make the jaw narrower, shorter, and rounder
  • Lip lift and reshaping: To adjust the size and proportion of the upper and lower lips to appear more feminine, the upper lip is reduced and moved higher while the fullness of the lower lip is increased with an implant or fat transfer
  • Rhinoplasty: To make a more feminine nose, the length, width, and projection are reduced to suit the proportions of your face

Patient Reviews

Simply the Best in the San Diego Area – La Jolla, CA – The entire staff at Brucker & Schoemann are caring and kind. Dr. Schoemann is amazing and really listens to your concerns and what your goals are with your surgery. I have had to call numerous times after hours and always got a call back within 15 minutes from Dr. Schoemann.

– Happy Patient

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What to Expect

Your FFS can be performed under a general or local anesthesia, depending on the procedures that are included in your customized treatment plan. Dr. Schoemann will typically perform the chosen procedures at Schoemann Plastic Surgery Center’s fully accredited surgical facility, using minimal incisions in less visible locations to improve the final result. You may be able to go home after your surgery but could be kept for observation for 1 – 2 nights, depending on what treatments were performed. Before you go home, a member of our team will schedule you a follow-up appointment and go over incision care and recovery instructions (including when you can return to work and exercise).

Soft Feminine Results

Dr. Schoemann is passionate about providing the comprehensive results you desire. We want you to feel a part of the treatment planning by having a say in the process by consulting with Dr. Schoeman. He will meet with you one-on-one in his office, listen to your plastic surgery requests, and provide feedback on how you want your facial features to look.

If you feel that facial feminization surgery is an aesthetic avenue you would like to explore, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Schoemann Plastic Surgery in Encinitas. During this appointment, you can expect to be heard and understood as we create a customized treatment plan to help you transition with beautiful, natural-looking results. Contact us today at (760) 487-2520 or by filling out our online form.