Comfortable, Effective & Non-Surgical Treatments for an Unforgettable Experience

Looking for a minimally invasive or non-surgical procedure in Encinitas? Schoemann Plastic Surgery has got you covered! We take pride in offering a wide range of minimally invasive med spa treatments that maximize the effects of the surgical procedures you have undergone. Equipped with high-quality tools and resources, and a team of experienced nurses, our center has everything to make your experience amazing!

At our facility, it’s all about your needs, wants, and preferences. Our team will ask about your expectations from a particular procedure and go the extra mile not only to meet but to also exceed them!


What Are the Benefits of Med Spa Services from a Plastic Surgery Practice?

Med spa services complement surgical procedures and help address various aesthetic concerns. Oftentimes, med spa services are performed before a surgical procedure to enhance its results. More often than not, the continued use of med spa products and treatments after a surgical procedure help maintain the results and thereby protect your surgical investment. But even if you’re looking for non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures, our med spa services are right for you. They are a great way to relax, unwind, and spend some quality time with yourself.

Apart from this, the space where med spa services are performed exudes peace and comfort, which ultimately gives you a chance to relax and enjoy. All the services are aimed at helping you achieve an enhanced appearance and leaving you feeling refreshed. These procedures treat scars as well as reduce and prevent wrinkles, fine lines, sun exposure damage, acne, and blemishes. You can expect to walk out of Schoemann Plastic Surgery Center looking and feeling fresher, younger, and more beautiful!

How Can We Help You?

What is the Cost of Med Spa Services?

The cost of med spa services will vary depending on your specific needs, requirements, and preferences. During your initial consultation session, Dr. Schoemann will discuss everything with you and based on that, he will determine the ideal treatment options for you. You can rest assured that you’ll get advice that truly aligns with your needs and expectations.

Is There a Recovery Period for Med Spa Services?

As far as recovery is concerned, there’s no expected downtime for most of the med spa services. Some treatment options, however, may require some time for your body to be fully recovered. Depending on the specific service you opt for, Dr. Schoemann will tell you about the required recovery period and offer recommendations for the after-care period. Our team will collect feedback from you after the procedure to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the results as well as give you expert tips for smoother and quicker recovery!

Interested in getting a non-surgical or minimally invasive procedure to improve your appearance and overall well-being? Schoemann Plastic Surgery can help you look with our med spa services. Contact us online or call (760) 487-2520 today to schedule your consultation!