About Liposuction

Liposuction is a body reshaping procedure that reduces fat from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks to produce a more defined appearance. This treatment at Schoemann Plastic Surgery can be blended to treat several body parts. During your initial visit, Encinitas, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schoemann will examine problematic areas so you can reach your personal goals. Liposuction requires a steady hand and an artist’s patience to achieve an outstanding result that prioritizes patient safety and comfort. Dr. Schoemann exhibited a natural talent for sculpting and artistry at a very young age and believes his approach can offer outstanding results. Furthermore, Dr. Schoemann is double board certified and fellowship trained in plastic surgery, offering unparalleled skill and experience to his cosmetic surgery patients.

Ideal Candidates

Liposuction is a great procedure for patients who are at a healthy weight that have pesky areas of fat that have been hard to lose with exercise and diet. Patients contemplating liposuction should have skin that is taut, as liposuction does not address loose or sagging skin. It is also important to realize that liposuction alone, is not a weight loss solution. Women having liposuction should be finished having children, as pregnancy could compromise the results. During your initial consultation, Dr. Schoemann will discuss realistic expectations and how the results will most likely affect your entire appearance. With a holistic approach, he will then work to plan a liposuction procedure that best meets all your beauty goals.

Real Patient Stories

“My confidence has elevated to a higher level that I didn’t think I could ever have.”

Surgical Technique

Surgical liposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anesthesia. A very small incision is made in the skin and a cannula will be inserted. The cannula is a tube that helps loosen the fat as it is being removed. Once the desired amount of fat deposits have been suctioned out, Dr. Schoemann will close the incision. Depending on the number of areas receiving treatment, your surgery could last 1 – 3 hours. In the dedicated recovery area, your post-op team will help manage any pain and care for your incisions until your discharge.

What to Expect

With recent advances to liposuction technology and techniques, soreness is often mild to moderate, allowing most patients to return to work within a few days of their procedure. Immediately following surgery, you will be given a compression garment, which should be worn for the first few weeks. This garment is thin and can be worn discreetly under your regular clothing. Patients are typically able to return to strenuous activity in 3 – 4 weeks. You will likely notice a difference immediately following your procedure, with optimal results appearing in the coming months. Swelling can linger for up to three months but varies from patient to patient.

Look Fit and Toned

Liposuction at Schoemann Plastic Surgery offers individuals the opportunity to have unwanted fat diminished almost immediately. Without liposuction, it can be seemingly impossible to get the slimming results you want. We offer various choices for liposuction treatment based on your personal aesthetic desires and holistic needs, and we welcome everyone across all North County communities to find out how liposuction can help you.

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