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Medically Reviewed By: Mark Schoemann, M.D

When it comes to breast augmentation, it can seem overwhelming to choose which implants are right for you. There are many notable factors to consider – material, shape, size, placement, and more.

At Schoemann Plastic Surgery in Encinitas, Dr. Schoemann and his team conduct a thorough consultation with each patient to individually assess which implants are right for them, while also working with the patient to ensure they achieve their desired look.

Implant Types

There are two main types of implants – silicone and saline. It is important to note that a patient must be at least 18 years of age to undergo an augmentation using saline, while they must be at least 22 years of age for an augmentation using silicone. Both options are widely used and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Silicone is a more viscous material, meaning it will feel more natural. Over 70% of patients nationwide choose silicone for their breast augmentation. Silicone is also an excellent option if you have less existing breast tissue and are hoping to achieve a more natural look and feel.

Saline, on the other hand, can be a favorable option for patients who have a higher amount of existing breast tissue. It is also less expensive and provides a firmer breast feel.

Implant Shapes

The next important step is to choose which shape implant you want – the two most commonly used are round and teardrop. A round implant will provide a spherical result, while a teardrop implant will have more fullness at the bottom of the breast. The majority of patients opt for round implants, which can provide an overall fuller look.

The size of the implant may also feel like a significant decision and depends on many factors, including the amount of existing breast tissue, as well as the size you hope to attain. It is common for Dr. Schoemann to switch out different sizes during surgery to guarantee you are getting the best fit for your ideal result. Rest assured that Dr. Schoemann will use his years of expertise to educate and guide you to ensure your decision will achieve an attractive and balanced outcome that fits your individual body.

Implant Placement

Lastly, the placement and profile of the implant need to be considered. The profile of an implant refers to its projection – what you see from the side view. Do you want your breasts to have a higher profile, or a lower one? There are several options to choose from, ranging from low to extra-high, depending on your personal preference and what Dr. Schoemann feels will be the best fit for your desired results.

We recommend taking a look at our gallery to view the amazing results from some of the past patients at our Encinitas location, and to get a more comprehensive idea of how a breast augmentation may look on you.

At Schoemann Plastic Surgery in Encinitas, we understand that there are many decisions to be made regarding a breast augmentation procedure. Our goal is to ensure that you feel well informed about your options and confident that Dr. Schoemann and his staff will educate and work with you to choose the implant option that is right for you and will make you feel your most confident.

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