Even a small amount of extra fat in the upper neck area may cause the appearance of a “double chin” that is bothersome to both men and women. The excess pockets of fat beneath the chin (aka the submental area) may be caused by aging, genetics, or weight fluctuations that lead to a weaker chin and jawbone for an undefined profile. Encinitas, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schoemann is pleased to offer a new method to eliminate neck fat at Schoemann Plastic Surgery. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Kybella is the first nonsurgical procedure for submental fat. The active ingredient in Kybella is a manmade version of deoxycholic acid that acts like the natural DA in the body to break down and absorb fat. Once it’s injected below the chin, you may see a noticeable reduction in the volume of fat. When the fat is eliminated, the cells do not re-form, so you are able to enjoy your new, slimmer profile and clear jawline for years to come. Dr. Schoemann is a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, equipped to tailor and execute a customized treatment plan to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal patients for Kybella treatments have additional fat in the upper neck (submental area) that causes unwanted fullness or a double chin. This injection addresses stubborn sections of fat that cannot be minimized with usual weight loss methods due to genetics, aging, or other conditions. If you are at or near a healthy weight, but diet and exercise have not worked to remove the fat in your neck, Kybella may be the right procedure for your needs. While Kybella may correct small to moderate amounts of fat in the submental area, larger amounts of fat may require surgical liposuction at Schoemann Plastic Surgery.

How Can We Help You?

Procedure Technique

Kybella is completed during an in-office appointment. Dr. Schoemann will often apply a numbing cream to the treated area, if preferred, after the skin is cleansed. The procedure takes about 15 – 20 minutes, which includes multiple small injections targeting the submental area. Some patients may need one treatment to achieve their desired goal, while other patients may require several treatments spaced 3 – 4 weeks apart at Schoemann Plastic Surgery.

What To Expect

Kybella treatments do not require anesthesia, so you can leave the office as soon as you feel comfortable to resume your usual activities. You may experience temporary bruising, swelling, or numbness beneath your chin; however, this should not last longer than 2 – 3 days. Call Schoemann Plastic Surgery immediately if you are feeling any unusual side effects, like facial muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, or if your smile is uneven. While the fat cells that are destroyed do not return, the cells that remain can get larger, so you must maintain a steady weight after your Kybella injections to prevent new pockets of fat from forming. Optimal results following this treatment leave your neck looking tighter and sleeker and your profile will be more defined.

Reduce Neck Fat Today

Just because everyone else in your family tree has to conceal their hereditary double chin doesn’t mean you have to.

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