schoemann plastic surgery
Medically Reviewed By: Mark Schoemann, M.D

Cosmetic nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is an aesthetic procedure performed to change the appearance or shape of one’s nose. It is often used to provide more balance to a patient’s face, and in doing so, provide a more symmetrical appearance.

Concerns that Rhinoplasty Can Correct

At his Encinitas, CA practice, plastic surgeon Dr. Schoemann is a seasoned specialist who works with each patient to ensure the most beautiful and natural outcome of each rhinoplasty. Many patients come to Dr. Schoemann looking to enhance or repair part of their nose they may be displeased with. These concerns can range from trying to improve the shape and overall look of the nose, to trying to mend breathing issues caused by conditions such as a deviated septum. Oftentimes, correcting the health concern can also produce more symmetry.

Many of the patients at our Encinitas office seek out rhinoplasty to augment a nose that is misshapen, protrudes out, is too large or wide, or has a bump on the top. In these cases, the patients are often hoping to achieve a symmetry that balances out their existing facial features and, in doing so, increases their confidence. Dr. Schoemann and his skilled staff are experts in working with you to achieve the desired result of your rhinoplasty.

It is important to understand that this procedure will change your appearance, and having realistic expectations on what to expect will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation. The ideal candidates for rhinoplasty have already reached facial maturity. This is another factor that will be considered during your initial appointments, particularly if you are under the age of 21. Undergoing a rhinoplasty before you have fully grown into your features could cause your results to change over time.

The Surgical Process to Create Balance

During the surgery process, the goal is to remove excess tissue and cartilage or to improve and add cartilage if required for reshaping. The nose will be repositioned while the skin is reformed and draped over the newly enhanced framework. Depending on your own unique desires for your rhinoplasty, Dr. Schoemann will work his magic to create a proportionate and attractive outcome. Though there will be some swelling and bruising following your procedure, this fades over time, and the entire healing process typically takes only 2 to 4 weeks.

Once fully healed, your new nose will both look beautiful and function as it should. Though a rhinoplasty procedure consists of only minor adjustments, the results can be very dramatic. It will bring more balance to your facial features and provide symmetry you may not have had previously.

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