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Medically Reviewed By: Mark Schoemann, M.D

There are numerous types of facelifts, all of which focus on correcting different parts of the face. In general terms, a facelift can correct any areas in which you have wrinkles and lines or loose, drooping skin. The most common improvements are usually done to the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, neck, and chin.

The goal of a facelift is to achieve an overall more youthful look that appears both natural and aesthetically pleasing. Facelift surgery can be personalized to the areas you are primarily concerned about and customized to address your particular signs of aging. It is important to note that age is not always a factor in patients undergoing a facelift procedure. Other concerns, such as excess or drooping skin, can occur at any age and be corrected with these operations.

Encinitas plastic surgeon Dr. Schoemann is experienced in all varieties of facelifts, which are some of the most common procedures performed in his practice. A full facelift would include all the areas mentioned above, while a mid, lower, or mini facelift focuses on smaller, more targeted sections of the face.

Many Types of Facelifts to Fit Your Needs

A full facelift is generally reserved for patients experiencing more advanced signs of aging. This procedure involves an incision beginning at the hairline and extending to the base of ears, with the underlying tissues and muscles pulled gently back to produce a lifted appearance and reduce wrinkles. A full facelift generally can include several treatments in one procedure and is often performed with an eyelid or neck lift.

A mid-facelift, also known as a “cheek lift,” focuses primarily on the midsection of your face – your cheekbones and upper jaw. Mid-facelifts can also address concerns our patients may have about droopy jowls. In this operation, an incision is made above the ears and sometimes under the eyelids to produce a more enhanced appearance around the middle of your face.

A lower facelift will target the neck, chin, and jowls. A predominant concern among many clients is droopy skin on the bottom half of their face. Over time, fat deposits can migrate downward or deplete entirely, which can cause loose skin and sagging around the jawline. A lower facelift will correct this with an incision placed in the hairline above the ear that then wraps around the front of the ear and back to the hairline.

Lastly, a mini facelift is one of the more subtle facelift treatments offered in our Encinitas, CA location. A mini facelift requires only a tiny incision by the ears, which helps to slightly elevate the skin and produce a more refreshed and youthful look.

Whatever your needs may be, Dr. Schoemann and his skillfully trained staff are here to assist you in bringing your vision to life and creating a firmer, more youthful facial appearance.

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