About FTM Top Surgery

One of the most visible differences between the male and female body is the masculine chest versus the feminine breasts. Female to male (FTM) top surgery, also called male chest contouring, uses the subcutaneous mastectomy procedure to remove breast and fat tissue, then contours the chest muscles and repositions the nipple-areolar complex (NAC) for a masculine appearance. For larger breasts or patients with low skin elasticity, excess skin will also be removed so the chest skin is taut and firm. A large NAC may also be reduced before it is repositioned. Since the ideal male chest is not flat, but slightly rounded from developed pectoral muscles, pectoral implants may be added for a more masculine chest. Double board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schoemann is skilled to perform this specialized surgery at Schoemann Plastic Surgery in Encinitas, CA for area patients who desire to complete their physical transitions.

Ideal Candidates

Any transgender man who is physically transitioning, and wants a masculine chest is a good candidate for this procedure. An ideal candidate is:

  • In overall good health
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Seeking breast tissue removal
  • Interested in a masculine chest with male contours
  • Realistic with their goals and expectations for the procedure

How Can We Help You?

Surgical Technique

The are many surgical techniques that can be used in FTM top surgery. Dr. Schoemann will typically choose his technique according to the starting size of your chest, as well as your skin elasticity. All techniques preserve your natural nipple and areola, but the placement is usually changed to fit the new contour. Common subcutaneous mastectomy techniques include:

  • Buttonhole Technique
  • Double Incision
  • Inverted T/T-Anchor
  • Periareolar
  • Keyhole
  • Minimal Scar

What to expect

FTM top surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia at Schoemann Plastic Surgery Center’s accredited surgical facility. After the surgery, you will be wrapped in a compression garment that you should wear for at least 3 – 4 weeks to minimize bruising and swelling. Dr. Schoemann or a member of the team will go over any specific recovery instructions at this time. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled following surgery to check on the rate of your recovery. We will also offer information on scar care management to help minimize the appearance of surgical scars.

Patient Reviews

Simply the Best in the San Diego Area – La Jolla, CA – The entire staff at Brucker & Schoemann are caring and kind. Dr. Schoemann is amazing and really listens to your concerns and what your goals are with your surgery. I have had to call numerous times after hours and always got a call back within 15 minutes from Dr. Schoemann.

– Happy Patient

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True Transition

Your physical transition from female to male should be a beautiful journey. Dr. Schoemann is compassionate and understanding about the importance of helping you achieve your aesthetic goals, and looks forward to providing you with stunning, natural results.

For more information about our transitionary procedures or to schedule your consultation at Schoemann Plastic Surgery, contact our helpful staff in Encinitas today at (760) 487-2520 or by filling out our online form.