The Direct Neck Excision: Not Your Grandparents Neck Lift

A Direct Neck Excision removes the unwanted skin below the chin and neck area for a more youthful look. This is a great alternative for men and women who want a more natural look, but don't want the scarring and risk associated with the traditional face or neck lift surgery. This procedure leaves a scare directly under the chin compared to a face and neck lift surgery which leaves scars in front and behind the ears. Additional pluses of the direct neck excision; it requires minimal downtime, and there is less risk due to the fact that it only requires local anesthesia.

A little bit about Ted.
Before the procedure, he was very self-conscious about the extra skin under his chin. He came to us looking for options and explained that he did not want to “look like he had cosmetic surgery.” After introducing him to this option and weighing the benefits and risks he decided to proceed with the direct neck excision procedure. Ted was up and moving doing his regular activities the same day (minus golf, no twisting the neck!). Post recovery, he could not believe his results and feels so much more confident now. Ted’s beard covers his scar for now, but he knows it will fade with time.

This is a great alternative for men who want to look more youthful but are concerned with the stigma of plastic surgery. Ladies, is there a man in your life that you think may be interested?

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